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By | October 4, 2016

Affection Song Video Download By Abroyal & Deep Jandu: Affection is a brand new Punjabi song which is sung by Abroyal also featuring famous Punjabi musician Deep Jandu who concocted the tuneful musical tones of the song. Annie Wade palying as the leading model in the video song opposite the artist. The modern lyrics are penned by Gur Virk.

Affection Song Image

Affection Song Image

Song: Affection
Singer – Abroyal
Lyricist – Gur Virk
Music – Deep Jandu
Director – Gurpreet Dhillon (AVEX)
Label: Times Music

Deep Jandu Affection Video Download

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Affection Song Lyrics

Teri akhiyaan brown ae,
Das keda tera town ae? (x2)

Utton one piece paaya tu,
Saara shehr piche laaya tu,
Billo tere nakhre kitte munde wakhre,
Ni tere layi taan har koi down ae,

Teri akhiyaan brown ae,
Das keda tera town ae? (x2)

Affection hogayi attraction,
Tere naal banona hun sohniye connection,
Dil mere kalle di tu banja ni mate,
Kal hi kara le bhavein heeeye election,

Sab da dream tu selfie queen tu,
Tere sir sajda crown ae,

Teri akhiyaan brown ae,
Das kedha tera town ae? (x2)

Gedhiyan laava main batheriyan,
Net utte gallan hon teriyan,
Tera lakk ae slim mandeer kitti dim,
Ni main bhul gaya soniyan si jediyan,

Mainu kar izhar Virk da pyaar,
Kise da na dena main hon ae,

Teri akhiyaan brown ae,
Das keda tera town ae? (x2)

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